Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Krys Behrens

SIS's Honorary BRO!

So you want to know a little about me, hmm? Alright, but remember: You asked.

I was born many years ago during an extremely rare astronomical conjunction which was prophecized many centuries before. Abandoned and left to die as a baby by my superstitious parents, I was saved by a pack of wolves, who raised me as one of
their own.....

Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but you have to admit it would be cool if it was true. Here's the truth, or as much of it as I care to tell: I -was- born many years ago under the sign of Sagittarius, which supposedly makes me frank, optimistic, honest, spiritual, sensual and happy go lucky. Other than 'optimistic' and 'happy go lucky' that's pretty much me.

At an early age, I became interested in pagan religions (No, I'm not a satanist), and the Gothic subculture, both of which have heavily flavored my tastes in music, art, literature and tv/movies, as well as my personality and sense of humor. I love to read gothic/paranormal novels, often having two or three that I've started and not yet finished (Another Sagittarian trait). I would love to be able to write but I've tried and it just doesn't happen. I guess that means I'll have to live vicariously through my SIS's!


  1. CHRIS ... ooops, I'm sorry ... "KRYS!!!" I have been back in FLA since Nov. '07, back doing what I did before ... though not NEARLY as profitably:( ... have been away from SIS for a LONG time (that "Real Life Interrupting" thing) ... and, long story short --- here's my LARGEST memory, amongst many, of you --- "Could you show me how to play the intro to 'Separate Ways'?" Which I happily did, which I remember CLEARLY, OH, so long ago --- pop quiz! Still remember it?;) Glad to find that you're still kicking the soil of the Earth!

  2. The intro to 'Separate Ways'? OF COURSE I remember! Pshaw! My memories not -THAT- bad. I will always remember asking you how to play it...

    Oh wait, are you asking me if I remember -how- to play it? What am I, a musical genius or something??? SHEESH! I am getting old you know, and the first thing to go is.......is......umm.....What was I talking about?